New Home Furniture Buying Guide

New Home Furniture Buying Guide

Preparing to furnish your home? You should not rush while shopping for your new home furniture since it is a critical investment for any home. You need to choose a right furniture to avoid regrets in the future. Furniture shopping could be stressful if you do not know what to look for in a furniture while making a purchase. People who buy furniture for the first time make wrong choices due to ignorance. This leads to regret and stress because furniture is a big investment and cannot be changed quickly.

We have tried to remove your doubts and provide details that is required for make your new home furniture shopping easy and pleasurable. Knowing the little details will help you in your choices and pricing decisions for your furniture.

What are the Types of New Furniture available in the market for Homes?

There are several types of furniture available in the market. It is important that you understand the types of furniture so that you can choose a suitable furniture for the room you wish to buy the furniture for. You will find mostly two categories of furniture. The Home Furniture or the Bedroom Furniture.

Home Furniture

The Home furniture are those that are made for living and dining rooms. You are most likely to spend more time in living room than any other room in the house. The furniture you choose should have enough space accommodate everyone at home. At the same time, you need to make sure that you have enough space in the living room for people to move around. You may like the add swivels or recliners along with your sofa to make your living room lively.

Living Room Furniture

Dining Room Furniture

Your dining room furniture should be large enough to accommodate all members of the family, for a group meal or family gathering for evening snack. While dining table is the primary furniture in dining room, you may also include some bar stools, sideboards etc to make the dining room attractive.

Bedroom Furniture

The quality of sleep you get will play a key role in your overall quality of life. While there are several factors that can play a role in your quality of sleep, the Bed plays a key role in how much time you sleep and how soundly you sleep. It is essential that you choose your bed carefully. You can furniture your bedroom with suitable lighting, dressers and benches to make your bedroom cozy and comfortable.

Things to consider before buying your new home furniture

There are simple things and detail that will help you avoid mistakes and save you from worst experience.

1. How long are you planning to keep the new home furniture?

You need to make a decision on what quality furniture you are going to buy. If you are buying furniture for a short duration, then low-cost furniture will be the ideal choice. This will help you get rid of the furniture quickly when you want to move on.

Buying expensive good quality furniture is good for the long term use. However, you will also need to understand the problems associated with it. Expensive furniture will create stress when you want to move and you want to sell the furniture. Expensive quality furniture are difficult to sell quickly. Even if it does, you may not be able to recover its value. Transportation overheads may make the selling process even more complicated.

You need to factor in the likelihood of your relocation before buying the furniture. If you are in a rented accommodation, then low-cost furniture will be the most suited option.

2. Room and Furniture Measurement

Another most important factor you need to consider before buying the furniture is the size of the room and its dimensions. You need to make sure that the furniture can enter the home and the room. If you are living in a multi story apartment, then you need to make sure you can take the furniture to your home using elevators stairs.

Large furniture may look attractive and enticing when you buy. But will it fit your room? Will you have enough space to move around? Consider the space you need so that the room does not look crammed. If it is a bedroom, you could lose your sleep over it.

Consider the room size and the furniture dimensions carefully before making the purchase. Buying the right sized furniture will save you lot of frustration and stress.

3. Cost of furniture

Budget is one key factor that can make or break your furniture buying decision. Do you know how much you can spend? Are you planning on taking debts to furnish your home?

Dimensions of your rooms and your furniture needs will give you the list of furnitures you need. There are several options to buy quality furniture for best price. With little research you may be able to find best price for your furniture. Look for online deals and offline store offers. Do not rush.

If you are tight on your budget, a look at second hand stores will also help. Directories like craiglist are popular for second hand furniture. Ensure to meet the seller and see the furniture yourself.

4. Aesthetic, Style, Design and Comfort

Whatever be the furniture, either Living room or Bed room, the furniture that you buy should blend with your room decor and aesthetic. Give special attention to the color or room walls and ceiling and ensure the furniture color matches that of your room. This will not only gives a fantastic look, it boosts the vibe of the room.

5. Style and Design

Furniture come in different styles and designs. Example, Old time Vintage type or Antique type furniture, Contemporary and artistic furniture, Furniture purely made focusing on the utility etc.. Choose your furniture according to your preference. Give a thought about what you like. You should not be thinking about this when you are in the store. This should have been clear before you go to the store. You don’t want to be in a wrong store for your furniture.

6. Comfort Level

We cannot stress this enough. Comfort will score higher than any other factors listed above in your furniture buying decision. As much as possible test the comfort yourself. Sit on your furniture, whether it is a couch or a bed. Are you feeling comfortable. Is it too soft? or is it too hard? The type of cushion used etc. Answers to these questions will help you in your decision.

7. Material used for making the furniture

When you are shopping for furniture, the material used to make the piece will drive the factors that we discussed above. When we think about furniture, we mostly think about wooden furniture. However, off late, furniture made of high quality durable plastic and lighted particle boards are gaining popularity due to their cost and durability.

Wooden furniture are predominantly made from mahogany or oak trees. These are hardwood furniture and will be used for heavy and expensive furniture and they last longer than any other furniture.

There are other lighter wood types, called softwoods, that are made from trees such as pine or cedar. Furniture made from softwood are light weight and are moderately priced.

Choose the ones you need based on your preferences, utility needs and short term and long term location plans etc.


Furniture shopping need not be stressful, if you know plan it wisely. Whatever be the reason, do not rush with your purchase. Give a thought about all the points listed above and decide on the type of furniture you need. Do your research on the sellers and make your decision accordingly. All the best with your furniture purchase.

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