Different Types of Mattresses

Hi there. In this post I want to go through the insides of a mattress and I want to show you what’s inside of them. I also want to talk about some of the different types of mattresses and I want to go over all the new technology and changes that have happened in the last two years in a lot of the standard mattresses.

Inner Coil Spring Mattresses

Inner coil spring mattresses will have what we call Polyurethane Foam. This is the same type of foam you’re going to find in your sofa cushions at home. This foam will eventually wear out. It’s not designed that way it just happens and this will average about a 25% loss and resiliency over time and that’s considered normal for this type of foam.

Memory Foam Mattresses

The next type of foam is a newer foam. It’s been around since we walked on the moon and this is called memory foam. The difference between Inner Coil Spring Polyurethane Foam and the Memory Foam is that this foam always comes back to its original shape. So, in time, you don’t get the body impressions in your mattress that you will with a polyurethane foam. Another advantage of the memory foam is that it lasts two to three times longer. So you will find that a lot of your mattresses that carry this, we call them hybrids, this type of foam can be put on top of the coil system or can be in an all solid foam mattress.

Gel Foam Mattresses

Next I want to show you some of the newest changes. I have seen more changes in the last 5 years . One of the new things has come out is the gel. Gel is kind of like that stuff you find in your shoe support. What they’ve done is they’ve taken regular memory foam and infused it with the gel. It does a couple things for you. First off it gives it a little more beefy feel and a little more supportive feel when you lay on it. it will still mold to the contour of your body, like your regular memory foam, and then the biggest thing is this is designed to sleep cooler. We have had a tremendous amount of improvements now with our foams as far as the technology to help you sleep cooler and this is one of the biggest changes right now. It started out with one company come up with the idea and within the last two years everybody, well almost everybody, now use this technology in their mattresses. So those of you sleep hot don’t have to worry about the mattress being hotter than it is supposed to be.

I want to show you the next improvement and that is the old foam mattress. What this does, and we have a lot of these now, we started out a couple years ago only having a couple, now almost every brand we carry will offer in all foam mattress. The biggest difference between an all foam mattress or mattress with the coils at the innerspring mattress is the life expectancy of innerspring mattress is seven to ten years. So you can pretty much, if you’re in that 7 to 10 year period, and your backs hurt and you think it’s just old age or arthritis or whatever it’s probably being caused by the mattress. It’s already at the end of its life. Now you’re all foam mattresses will include a memory foam. This particular one has the gel infused memory foam in the top down below. It has another layer of regular memory foam and then we have our cushion layer here. This is kind of a comfort layer and then we have our much firmer base support. This replaces your Springs now this type of mattress here the factory warranty on this is 25 years. Your coil mattress your factory warranty is 10 years as you can see this is designed the manufacturer they put a 25 year warranty on it they know this is going to last twenty to thirty years.

Smart Mattresses

Also one of the things that I’ve seen in the last two years is technology on some of our mattresses has improved to the point where they actually you think of your phone as a smart phone we have couple mattresses here that we it’s really smart phone and how that works is when you’re laying on the mattress the technology will pull the heat away from the surface. We have also a mattress here that if you get too cool it will release and bring the heat back up to the surface of the mattress.

So it’s just amazing amount of technologies that has taken place with our mattresses. Please read our other posts to learn more about different types of mattress that can help you in your buying decisions.

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