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How To make Most Out of Your Cozy Small Apartments

Hi everyone, I want to present you other creative and  inspiring design ideas for beautiful and elegant apartments for people who are looking for design ideas for small apartments

It is quite difficult to try to make an apartment feel like a home, especially when you are dealing with a small or average size apartment space.

For this reason, we have selected here,  ones of the most creative and smart design and decorating tips and ideas,  that can help you to turn your apartment into a stylish comfortable and elegant living space.

Choosing Colors for Small Apartments

Living space with bright colors feel brighter and lighter because a surface painted in these colors can reflect more light.

However, that does not mean that darker colors and nuances make your living space seem small  and gloomy. On the contrary, a dark color palette gives a dramatic look and depth. More than that, your small living space will look bigger because you do not know where the wall surfaces end and in this way your small living space will look bigger.

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

If you are adding reflective surfaces to your overall décor, like shiny metals and even bold dark colors, you will be able to create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.

Please do not paint the moldings or the baseboard in different colors. Paint the walls, ceilings and the moldings in the same color and you will have an apartment interior with a greater fill and space without these wall disturbances.

For large wall surfaces choose colors that harmonize each other and go in the same nuances.  

This is a another small visual trick and the living space will look more spacious than it really is. Choose fabrics, area rugs and furniture in similar tones and shades, as the wall paint. In this way, you will create an elegant and serene home interior that will also feel  bigger and more spacious than it really is.

Our article on choosing furniture might help you in your Furniture Buying Decisions.

Lighting for Small Apartments

Light is also very important in apartment with limited living space. Avoid floor and large table lamps. Use instead ceiling light fixtures and wall lamps.  

In this way you will have more space to decorate on your tables and your floor space.

Many of these beautiful apartments have a balcony. The beautifully decorated balcony increase  the space feeling and gives a sophisticated  elegance and fresh color to the apartment décor.

Beautiful and ergonomic kitchens together with stylish dining rooms complement the elegance of the overall apartment décor. Soft colors and neutral shades create a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Take a look and be  inspired by everything – the furniture, the apartment decoration, and of course the overall décor of these many inspiring apartments.

Gallery white kitchen and stylish dining area with the cozy resting corner.

couch with blue pillows in a living room, design ideas for small apartments
Photo by Curtis Adams on Pexels.com

Here, in this image you can see a beautiful kitchen/dining combo.

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

Large windows allow plenty of natural light to get inside  and the light color of the wood flooring reflects this light, making the space feel larger.


Furnishing and decorating an average size apartment layout it may not be easy but with creativity imagination and a lot of inspiration you can make the small and limited space and  advantage for your home makeover project.

Usually, a small apartment is the only chance and the perfect choice for  a single person but it can be a comfortable and practical living space even for a young couple.

Therefore it’s very important to pay attention when you furnish and decorate your apartment.

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