wall hangings for living room

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Product Description

Wall hangingWall hanging

New wall hanging

They serve a protective purpose. Those who believe in this say that they act as a filter for dreams. They send good dreams to the sleeper and the bad dreams away. Traditional are made with eight points where the web attaches to the hoop. You can place it on entry point of the energies such as the front door or windows is an alternative location for placing the them..

For good dreams

For good dreams





What it is?

A circular framed net with a hole in the center that is used by some American Indian peoples to help block bad dreams and catch good ones.

Attractive Color

This colors also represents freshness, goodness, light, simplicity and coolness which make it the best option.


This represents blessing. Pray for peace and good luck. these were hung above the beds of sleeping children to protect them from bad dreams and evil spirits.

Bright feathersBright feathers

Decorate your surrounding

This will use in anywhere or everywhere in your house, balcony, main doors,Bedrooms, even in the car for protection. This is having bright and colorful feathers, This will absolutely decorate your room wall.

❤NEW VERSION: No need to assemble. More convenient and beautiful than before.
❤MATERIAL, SIZE & WEIGHT : 1 Ring(Dia 7.0″), 1 Hook, Feathers and Beads.Total length is around 20 inch, weight is 40g.
❤HAND MADE: Every item HANDMADE in Ethical Condition & Harmony with nature, weaved with the traditional manual techniques.
❤A PERFECT DECORATION CRAFT: It is a wonderful hanging craft for Home, Office, Institute, Shop, Hostel, PG, Hotels, and Restaurant. It’s a Beautiful Wall Art and Great Gift item for Your Loved Ones. Plus Peaceful Dreams.

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